MOOSE PUCK Fire Starters 3Pucks

Easy to light, long lasting fire starters for indoor and outdoor use.

Do you dread starting the wood stove or getting that camp fire started for the kids?  Tired of blowing, fanning and getting smoke in your eyes?  Then its time to try MOOSE PUCK Fire Starters, which are ideal for starting fires in your wood stove and outdoor campfires.  Each Moose Puck Fire Starter is light weight and easy to light providing up to 20 minutes of burn.  Great for summer cookouts, backpacking and hunting trips! Will even light in damp conditions!

Simply place the MOOSE PUCK under your kindling in your wood stove or camp fire.  Place a well lit match in the center of the puck to light, then stand back to enjoy the warmth of your stove or that great outdoor cooking! 


MOOSE PUCK Fire Starters can be ordered in packages of six or in bulk packages of 50 or 100 for institutional use or resale.


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